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Recycled ABC’s : C is for Cardboard


Cardboard has long been a crafters medium, but these crafters take it to extremes, check out these out of this world cardboard crafts, from bangles to cupcakes!

These colorful bangles made by ButterNutSquash from industrial cardboard tubbing are the perfect way to kick off the summer. I have not seen anything like this before, they are carefully coated with a protective finish as well.

Everyone loves cupcakes, and this little cupcake will never go bad, what a way to get the party started… check out ArtOnTheMenu for more amazing cardboard creations.

Who said chandeliers had to be glass?  Seeqin creates beautiful and classy ceiling decor out of recycled cardboard.

Toilet rolls turned art, this is by far the most amazing thing since sliced bread…. the vibrant colors and playfulness are awesome!  Keep up the fantastic job Akoyanis


The soft pastel colors and texture caught my eye.  These were created by PrecociousPaper.  embellish away everyone!