Doodletastic Art

Come on… you know you doodle… its just a matter of where!  I decided to turn my doodles into art.  All you need are some old doodles and a used frame from a local thrift store, or one laying around your home.
Here is the plethora of options, I decided to go with the darker black ink one.
I grabbed this 50 cent frame found at a thrift store, generally frames missing the glass front and board backing are dirt cheap, and are fantastic and affordable for altered art!
I then painted the frame a pea green, get used to seeing the green, it has been my favorite color since the 7th grade!
I then decided to coat the doodle with some mod podge so it would be easy to clean if it got a little dust.
I then glued the doodle to a cardboard, like the one you use for school presentations.
Then I cut it out, and adjusted it to fit the frame…
Ta Da… a lovely doodle that is framed… who says there can’t be an artist at the 8am Monday morning meeting or at the 3:30 lecture on bio proteins doodling away?.. show off that doodle with pride folks!

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!


Hanging on a vintage door knob

Last summer my boyfriend and I took a road trip up to Washington state to visit our good friend Phil.  He works in construction and often finds amazing old door knobs, windows and more…. He has found this old door knob that I just loved… he mounted it to a piece of wood and drilled hole to hang it in the back…. taaa daaa

I have had this hanging on my bedroom wall for the past 8 months and never thought of using it for hanging my hats on… duhhh I wear hats every single day lol.  How awesome would it be for hanging jackets, hats or bags in your home… what an idea, the possibilities are endless!


Project #3: Orbit Gum Package Turned Art


So I guess you could say that I have a pack a day… gum that is… well maybe not an entire pack a day, but at least one every two days.  Orbits is my gum of choice, Maui Melon being my all time favorite gum. I know this is starting to sound like an advertisement for the company, but it’s about to get crafty.

I noticed how colorful and interesting their gum packages always are… and so I decided to collect them for a month. This month I at Orange, Mint and Strawberry.  I cut up the packages with the designs showing and turned them into some beautiful artwork.

I found this wooden heart cutout at the local thrift store for 25 cents, I took that and decoupaged the gum box cut out squares onto it and then gave it about 4 coats of the mod podge and taaa daaa, trashy art!

You may not chew gum as much as I do, but think about some of the common wrappers that are thrown away each day, what could you turn them into?


Meet Monica Gotz: The Queen of Scrap Turned Craft

Meet Monica Gotz of Woerh Street Studio has been turning scraps into unique one of a kind works of art, showing that every scrap has big potential, no matter how smalll.  She turns scraps into book marks, bowls and pencil cups…..

How did you first get into upcycled crafting?

By accident. I’m a decorative painter with a lot of paint brushes, so I’ve always used tin cans and jars to hold my brushes and other materials. When I began crafting with decorative papers, I made dozens of bookmarks and started selling them in my Etsy shop. I needed something to store them in, so I covered a bunch of tin cans with a few pretty decorative papers and put the bookmarks in them. A friend of mine came over and said, “I love your bookmarks, but what I really want is one of these cans!” So the pencil cups were born, and I’ve been making them ever since.

What was the first upcycled craft/artwork you ever made?

Probably taking picture frames that were ready for the trash and covering them with decorative papers. I hate throwing something away when, with a little thought, I can make something interesting out of it. Sometimes at garage sales, I’ll find old metal or wooden trays. They’re perfect for playing with.

What mediums do you typically work with?
I start with handmade and decorative papers and combine them with all sorts of paper ephemera, like prints and illustrations from old books, old maps and stamps, gift wrap, stuff I get in the mail. Then I add gold and copper leaf, pressed flowers. Very low tech! I find materials at garage sales, in thrift stores, and on eBay, and use leftover metal leaf from my gilding jobs.

Why do you believe the recycled art/craft movement is so important?
Don’t we all have enough stuff by now? We keep throwing things away and buying new when there’s no need for it. Okay, so it may be more challenging to repurpose something, but it’s much more interesting to create something inventive and unique than to follow the crowd. More creativity, less garbage. Sounds good to me.

What kind of music do you listen to while you craft, give up your top 5 songs…
Since I’m hooked on National Public Radio, I’m usually listening to the radio or to a podcast of a show, maybe “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” or “This Splendid Table.” Lately I’ve been thinking about our food supply, so it’s been podcasts from The Compassionate Cooks.

Describe your studio to us…
I live in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, so the word “compact” would be appropriate. A few years ago, I designed a built-in for my living room that a cabinet maker then made for me. It has two 4-foot wide work desks, one a wet desk for my decorative painting, and the other a dry desk for crafting and paperwork. My decorative papers live in adjacent file drawers and on two shelves. Below the work desks are cupboards to hold supplies, and above are book cases. Both desks fold up so everything disappears at the end of the day and it looks like a living room again.

Name an upcycled art/craft you would love to create in the near future…
Not sure yet! Usually I stumble across something and inspiration strikes.

Who are a few of the artist you look up to?

I like artists whose art is childlike, playful, inventive and witty, like Joseph Cornell, Alexander Calder and Paul Klee. I’m also interested in low-tech and lost technique photography and admire Chuck Close’s daguerreotype portraits, Sally Mann’s wet plate collodion landscapes and the pinhole photos of Ruth Thorne-Thomsen.

What helps inspire you when you are having a dry-spell?
If I’m feeling stuck, I put down whatever I’m working on and get out of the apartment. Go to a museum, wander around the park, take my camera and shoot a bunch of pictures, cook something with my boyfriend, go to the art store and rummage through their papers, hit garage sales and find cool stuff, wander on the beach, read a book. If I get away from whatever is frustrating me, my brain churns it around and solves it while I’m doing something else, and when I sit back down, everything flows again.

Why do you think homemade art/craft is so important?
Craft is important because it connects people with their own passions and talents, and then it connects us to one another. It’s easy to buy mass-produced items. It takes training, focus and dedication to develop our eyes and abilities, and a lot of skill to create unique, beautiful things. Handmade craft connects me to what I call “my tribe,” others who feel the same pull to work with their hands and value the outcome.

What is one thing no one would guess about you?
As a yoga nerd who eats a ridiculously healthy diet, most of my friends are shocked by my love affair with strawberry flavored Twizzlers.

Monica Tatjana Götz
Woerth Street Studio
Hand-painted finishes

205 East 77th Street
No. 14D
New York, NY 10075

tel    212.472.3356
cell  646.245.4545
fax   646.478.9582

for beautiful handmade gifts,
please visit my online shop

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!

Top Ten Green Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing with summer just around the corner.  If you are like me and know lots of eco-friendly couples getting married it’s a struggle trying to find something unique, eco-friendly and awesome for the wedding gift. I did some searching and tracked down some of the hottest green wedding gift for 2011.

1. Tupperware Clock:  

The eye-popping color and simple design of the recycled Tupperware lids turned clocks are fantastic. What a great gift that will be used for years to come in a kitchen of an office in the couple’s home. Made By InoTime

2.  Old casserole Dish Turned Light:

gorgeous one of a kind lights for the kitchen.  BootsNGus have an amazing selection of unique one of a kind lighting fixtures from old bowls, cake tins and even mason jars, you will find something perfect for your wedding gift here!

3. Sweater Turned Coaster:
The beautiful green color caught my eye right away, coasters seem to be often forgotten, but new tables of newly weds love coasters, hook them up with some eco-friendly coasters from  Wormewoole

4. Records Turn Wine Holder:

I am not much of a wino, but many of my friends get their fix.  I could totally see my beer gently resting in this record holder on my counter top, what a great conversation starter in the newly weds home huh? This great idea is from the folks at, RetireRecords

5. Recycled Cutting Board:

 I love the rustic style of this cutting board by PegAndAwl, the texture is beautiful, be sure to check out their items.

6. Beer Bottles Turned Glasses:

Why go to the store and buy expensive boring glasses with no past history, I love the reclaimed beer bottles turned water glasses made by the folks over at BottleCrop

7. Recycled Salt Shaker:

Who would’nt want a spoon man holding their spoons at the dinner table, this is nothing short of awesome! Check them out at ForkedUpArt

8. Recycled Love Rug:

Made by Ekra, is nothing short of amazing, check out all of the unique and one of a kind rugs they have…. some many colors, shapes, textures and styles… omg its insanely good stuff, and area rugs, one can never have enough, they are just so fun.

9. Upcycled Linen Quilt:

The soft and warm color caught my eye in this quilt, its made from reclaimed linen, what a wonderful way to keep warm for years to come. Be sure to check out the wonderful works by NewRiverQuiltWorks

10. Recycled Beach Glass Chimes:
Last but certainly not least this colorful chime for outside, what a great way to bring a little color outside of the home, a wonderful addition for the newly weds yard . Check out the wonderful work by SarahsNature

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!

Project #2: The Big Apple Dish

I found this old apple dish at a thrift store a few months ago, I had no idea what I would use it for, but things just clicked when I found a map of “The Big Apple” a few months later…. New York and the apple dish came together, and this is what my dish became. I ended up selling this apple as fast as I made it, to a gentleman from New York that could not decide if he should gift it as a gift or keep it for himself.


Project #1: Dresser Drawer Turned Art Canvas

A week ago while driving down an alley I noticed 6 dresser drawers that were thrown out.  I pulled over immediately and put them into the back of my truck.  Once I got home I broke them down, each wooden side is a canvas that I can paint, collage or glue mixed media too, its sturdy and best of all free!

 I LOVE quotes and thought it would be cool to take some of my old magazine or old book images I have saved up over the past few months and pick a quote to print out and place onto it once finished….. needless to say it turned out beyond the awesomeness in my mind.

Next time you are throwing out an old dresser or find one on the side of the road, take it home and break it down, its saving it from sitting wasted in a landfill…. and you get art canvas that will make some beautiful work!

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!