About Us

Who is Trashy Crafter?

 That would be me, Kim Franklin.  My passion in life is upcycled crafting…. what is this you ask?  I take items that are thrown out from local thrift stores, random items found on the side of the road, in a dumpster or thrown out and turn them into fresh and functional upcycled crafts or artwork.  I recently graduated from UCSD with two BA’s in Communications and Media Arts (video), but I now find myself ditching the camera and theoretical essays for trash.  

My mission is to make people aware of environmental sustainability through creating out of the box recycled art, and to inspire others to follow what they are passionate and make a living from it.  Yes I am weird and insain with pinch of crazy, but thats how I like it.  I fully intend to walk the walk and talk the talk, life is too short to do something I hate like majority of the adults I know, I want to re-write the rules and show people it can be done, its going to be a crazy ride, join me!

What got you started crafting?
My grandma was a craft maker. I remember at the age of 5 going to craft shows to help bag items that were sold and give back change to customers. My grandma would make beautiful chirstmas tree skirts, ornaments and stockings. My sister and I would go to her house each day before and after school we would be allowed to craft as long as we got our homework done. I LOVED being in the craft room, coming up with ideas for projects to start, I felt most alive when using my hands to create things.

What is your source of inspiration?
My source of inspiration is nature, using items that are considered useless and I love the idea of items with a history. Often times I go to local thrift stores when they throw out hundreds of books each week and I take them home along with old shelfing, picture frames and try to give them a new useful life. If I can take something and create it into something useful rather than going to a landfill, I feel so wonderful.

Where do you sell your crafts presently?

I just graduated from UCSD with a BA in both communications and media arts. I had to give up crafting while in college due to lack of time. I just started crafting again last summer and am now working on selling at local fairs, but for now I sell on etsy. I would like to get some of my work consigned at local museums in San Diego.

Why are handmade crafts important to you?
I choose handmade over mass made products because they have a story behind them, a person with a passion for the item they make. I love speaking with the artist that had the idea, and used their hands to create, its a beautiful thing.

Random Facts About You?

1. I love bluegrass music, but also enjoy ballroom dancing with my boyfriend, we will randomly start foxtroting in a parking lot if Frank Sinatra comes on.

2. I want to do what I love for the rest of my life, and that is upcycled crafting. I want to show the world that beautiful things can be made sustainably from waste, I want to turn design, craft and art upside down and get people excited about thinking outside of the box.

3. Sometimes throughout the day I get these music video ideas in my head and imagine I am in a music video, what song would be playing for that very moment and what would I be doing, where would I be going and who would I be growing up to be like?

4. I met the love of my life Dave 3 years ago, he was my first date and my first boyfriend at the age of 22. Our first date was iceblocking, which is where you sit on a block of ice and slide down steep grass hills… It was love at first sight.


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