Old Records Turned Wine Holder

I was surfing on Etsy a few weeks ago and ran across these amazing record wine holders.  I have seen recycle artist use records for bowls or clocks, but this is really something else.  Karen Dengler of Retired Records really thinks out of the box, the record box that is.

How did you first get into upcycled crafting?

It all started with making a simple record bowl. Then I started experimenting with different shapes and techniques to challenge myself and see what else I could come up with.  That is when I made my first purses and wine racks. I love the idea of taking a useless scratched sad record and transforming it into a functional piece of art.

What was the first upcycled craft/artwork you ever made?

I first started with using warped records to make purses. Then I moved into coasters and the wine racks.

What mediums do you typically work with?

Records, Record album jacket covers & sleeves, belts, paint and misc. materials I find at home rooting through the garage, like used screening, nuts bolts, and rivets.

 Why do you believe the recycled art/craft movement is so important?

We have limited space on this earth and a limited amount of resources, I believe in making the most of what you have and leaving minimal trace.  It is also fun and challenges my creativity.  I rescue records that are being thrown into the trash and save them from going into the landfills.

What kind of music do you listen to while you craft, give up your top 5 songs…

My new favorite song is “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I also like Black Eyed Peas, “I got a feeling”.  “Dynamite”  by Taio Cruz. “The Reminder” by Feist and “take a Picture” by Filter. I like listening to energetic fun music and have very eclectic taste.

Describe your studio to us…

“A complete mess”, I call it organized chaos, I am not a neat, tidy organized person and my studio reflects that. I usually have many projects going on at the same time or in different stages of completion.  Even when I take the time out to organize it doesn’t last long.

Name an upcycled art/craft you would love to create in the near future…

I have plans in my head to make a dress or skirt completely out of scraps of record pieces.

Who are a few of the artist you look up to?

Joan Mir’o  and Salvador Dali.  Locally several artists including my artist friends Nancy Gamon, and Amy Wallace.

What helps inspire you when you are having a dryspell?

Being outside in nature, going for a hike in the woods or canoeing.

Why do you think homemade art/craft is so important?

I think it helps boost local economy, it is personal, not mass produced and provides  a sustainable alternative income.  It also helps to keep alive the traditions of hand craft that have been passed down through generations as part of our culture.

What is one thing no one would guess about you?

Most people who view my work, assume that I am a male for some reason, but I am DEFINATELY a female.

 Be sure to check out Karen Dengler’s awesome upcycled crafts in her Etsy shop… you should see what this lady does with records… its outa this world!




  1. Artsy Bibliomaniac

    Karen’s stuff is phenomenal, I highly recommend her work! Love seeing her featured here:) Another small crafty business doing amazing things you may like are my girls at Halominer http://www.halominer.com/ They do amazing things with old aluminum cans:)

    • trashycrafter

      Thanks so much for the recomend, I stopped by their site, I LOVE their work, its nothing short of wonderful… and their art studio is in a LEED certified building even better!

      -Trashy Crafter Kim

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