Doodletastic Art

Come on… you know you doodle… its just a matter of where!  I decided to turn my doodles into art.  All you need are some old doodles and a used frame from a local thrift store, or one laying around your home.
Here is the plethora of options, I decided to go with the darker black ink one.
I grabbed this 50 cent frame found at a thrift store, generally frames missing the glass front and board backing are dirt cheap, and are fantastic and affordable for altered art!
I then painted the frame a pea green, get used to seeing the green, it has been my favorite color since the 7th grade!
I then decided to coat the doodle with some mod podge so it would be easy to clean if it got a little dust.
I then glued the doodle to a cardboard, like the one you use for school presentations.
Then I cut it out, and adjusted it to fit the frame…
Ta Da… a lovely doodle that is framed… who says there can’t be an artist at the 8am Monday morning meeting or at the 3:30 lecture on bio proteins doodling away?.. show off that doodle with pride folks!

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!


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