Top Ten Green Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing with summer just around the corner.  If you are like me and know lots of eco-friendly couples getting married it’s a struggle trying to find something unique, eco-friendly and awesome for the wedding gift. I did some searching and tracked down some of the hottest green wedding gift for 2011.

1. Tupperware Clock:  

The eye-popping color and simple design of the recycled Tupperware lids turned clocks are fantastic. What a great gift that will be used for years to come in a kitchen of an office in the couple’s home. Made By InoTime

2.  Old casserole Dish Turned Light:

gorgeous one of a kind lights for the kitchen.  BootsNGus have an amazing selection of unique one of a kind lighting fixtures from old bowls, cake tins and even mason jars, you will find something perfect for your wedding gift here!

3. Sweater Turned Coaster:
The beautiful green color caught my eye right away, coasters seem to be often forgotten, but new tables of newly weds love coasters, hook them up with some eco-friendly coasters from  Wormewoole

4. Records Turn Wine Holder:

I am not much of a wino, but many of my friends get their fix.  I could totally see my beer gently resting in this record holder on my counter top, what a great conversation starter in the newly weds home huh? This great idea is from the folks at, RetireRecords

5. Recycled Cutting Board:

 I love the rustic style of this cutting board by PegAndAwl, the texture is beautiful, be sure to check out their items.

6. Beer Bottles Turned Glasses:

Why go to the store and buy expensive boring glasses with no past history, I love the reclaimed beer bottles turned water glasses made by the folks over at BottleCrop

7. Recycled Salt Shaker:

Who would’nt want a spoon man holding their spoons at the dinner table, this is nothing short of awesome! Check them out at ForkedUpArt

8. Recycled Love Rug:

Made by Ekra, is nothing short of amazing, check out all of the unique and one of a kind rugs they have…. some many colors, shapes, textures and styles… omg its insanely good stuff, and area rugs, one can never have enough, they are just so fun.

9. Upcycled Linen Quilt:

The soft and warm color caught my eye in this quilt, its made from reclaimed linen, what a wonderful way to keep warm for years to come. Be sure to check out the wonderful works by NewRiverQuiltWorks

10. Recycled Beach Glass Chimes:
Last but certainly not least this colorful chime for outside, what a great way to bring a little color outside of the home, a wonderful addition for the newly weds yard . Check out the wonderful work by SarahsNature

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!


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