Project #1: Dresser Drawer Turned Art Canvas

A week ago while driving down an alley I noticed 6 dresser drawers that were thrown out.  I pulled over immediately and put them into the back of my truck.  Once I got home I broke them down, each wooden side is a canvas that I can paint, collage or glue mixed media too, its sturdy and best of all free!

 I LOVE quotes and thought it would be cool to take some of my old magazine or old book images I have saved up over the past few months and pick a quote to print out and place onto it once finished….. needless to say it turned out beyond the awesomeness in my mind.

Next time you are throwing out an old dresser or find one on the side of the road, take it home and break it down, its saving it from sitting wasted in a landfill…. and you get art canvas that will make some beautiful work!

Until Next Time, Upcycle On Everyone!


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