I Want to Be A Trash Picker For Life

Have you ever had someone ask you the classic, ” If you had enough money and never had to work again what would you do every day?”  I can answer this question in a split second. I would wake up each morning and travel to dumpsters and trash cans across the city looking for items to turn into arts and crafts.  After dumpster diving I would swing by the local thrift store and gather what they were throwing out and then head inside to see if there was anything I needed to complete a project I wanted to make.  This would be heaven on earth for me, and with hard work dedication and time I will make it my life.

  I don’t want to be another adult in the world that wakes up on dreaded monday morning exclaiming how much I hate my boss, co-workers or job, I want to be the person that has a hard time going to bed each night because they are too excited about waking up the next day to pursue their passion.  Establishing myself as an artist, author, blogger, crafter, leader and expert will take time, and in the mean time while I grow my dream…


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