Pushing the Limits of Creativity One T-shirt At A Time

Heather Kennedy of “Cajon Moon” believes that Upcycling “…helps to push the limits of creativity”. Her T-shirt turned patchwork skirts and shirts have people asking if they can have their favorite concert shirts turned skirt!

1. What got you started on using old clothing to turn it into new and awesome outfits? 
 I remember working on a jersey knit patchwork skirt one day, as my mind started to drift, I began thinking about some of the t shirts that I had re-worked that I didn’t really like.  That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Why not just take my awesome t-shirts and make patchwork skirts with them!  Not only is it cool, but also it’s a great way to wear all of the concert shirts that I don’t really wear anymore and it sure beats throwing them away.  So, one thing led to another, and now I am making the sweetest toddler dresses, pillows, and skirts.

2. Which of your projects are your favorite to create, is it your pillows, shirts, skirts etc? 

 My favorite projects are the skirts.  I love them because I can create themes with them.  I will find shirts with the same idea and put 3 or 4 of them together to create a one-of-a-kind garment.  Some of my themes have included, DARE, Napolean Dynamite, Dukes of Hazzard, Coca Cola, the list goes one.  As football season nears again, I will start making “team” skirts.  When I wear my Napolean Dynamite skirt out, people get so excited and then they want to bring their favorite shirts to me to have their own skirts made.

3. Are there lots of other crafty folks in your family or are you the only one?  

My grandmother was very crafty.  She always made dresses and dolls for me as a kid and made the most amazing quilts.  I absolutely picked up my patchwork skills from her.  I have been told about how my great grandmother was a great seamstress too.  So I guess it does run in the family a little bit.

4. Your photographs are so unique and they really have a one of a kind style, how do you go about composing them?  

The photography has been a gradual progression of trial and error.  I started out using professional models.  They didn’t really capture the look for the garment.  Then I found someone who was in the actual target market I wanted to reach.  That’s when the views in my ETSY shop started to pick up.  After that I started to put a little more of a creative twist on the pictures.  I am fortunate enough to work with a great photographer who helps with finding great locations here in Nashville.

5. Why do you feel it is important to be an Upcycle crafter? Do you feel like now is the time for such a powerful movement? 

I think it’s important because it helps to push the limits of creativity.  I have made garments based on using only what I had in my sewing room.  I made a trench coat out of crown royal bags, a wedding dress from neckties, and a dress made entirely of t-shirt sleeves.  These are three creative projects that did not require me to buy anything new.  I am always blown away by what other crafters do with recycled items.  I feel like now is the time for this movement.  The more we talk about recycling, and create by recycling, the better our chances are of everyone becoming involved and making recycling something that is done without  even thinking about it.

Be sure to check out more of Heathers Awesome Upcycled Goodness below:



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