Stripping For The Sake Of Upcycling

Finding useful material can be a challenge sometimes when you are an upcycle craft maker.  As a crafter that firmly believes in upcycling rather than buying new materials I go to the “ends of the earth” to find used rather than buying new.
I use wire a lot for both my upcycled jewelry work as well as my artwork, and sometimes wire hangers are just too thick to bend and I find that copper wire from the insides of power cords works great!
It is super easy to strip the cable with just a few tools, that your boyfriend or husband already has in his toolbox.  You need some good wire cutters, a wire stripper and a box cutter. First I like to cut the size piece I need for the project I am working on.
Use the box cutter to carefully cut through the outer plastic in order to open up where the wires are hidden.
When you open it up you will often find two or three copper pieces in there, they have plastic on them and then need to be stripped off for use.
Put the  wire stripper on to there, twist and then that will cut the plastic so it can be removed… and there you go good quality, wire for your projects.
You can always find old power wires in dumpsters, at yard sales in thrift stores for cheap as dirt!
Are any project ideas popping up in your mind to use with this wire? 



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