I Want To Spoon With You For Life!

Spoons have long been my utensil of choice, and when I was a the thrift store and saw tons of old miss matched spoons, I just had to take them home and turn them into something cool.  I decided to make spoons in bed, and when the lights go off they spoon.  How adorable would this be above your bed?  And OMG how awesome would this be for a wedding gift?  I have some friends with weddings coming up, this is a sure hit that is unique and will be treasured for a lifetime, cute, lovely and cheeky all in one… awwwwwwww

What materials were used you ask?  Heres the breakdown…. Old spoons from my local thrift store, old picture frames from the thrift store, the pillows are hand sewn with an old white t-shirt, the sheet and blanket on the bed is old interior designer fabric sample sheets.
Have you created any amazing upcycled crafts or art with spoons, we would love to hear about what you did, share with us below in the comments.



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