All Bottled Up, Bead Holders

I work with seed beads a lot, because of my upcycled book bead bracelets and necklaces… and wanted to find a storage device for all the different colors, but wanted something recycled, not new.  I found the perfect thing,  Walden Farms Dressing bottle from my local Henry’s Store.  The class is thick, its clear so you can see the beads once you remove the label…. they are a great size too, not too big or too small, just right. Now I just need to get to work, 5 down 5 more to go, I will be eating lots of salad, I have motivation now! 

If you have any upcycled bead holding container ideas do share, I would love to hear or see what you came up with!

Until Next time, Upcycle On Everyone!


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