No. shit? You have to be kidding me…

A little over a week ago I was at the thrift store with my boyfriend Dave searching through the brick brack isles to see if there were any  items I could use for my upcycled projects when I stumbled upon this cow box, with plastic wrap on it that said 100% poo….. needless to say this piqued my interest. 

I  carefully opened up the box and inside it said that the box and paper were poo poo paper, no kiddin this paper was made from cow poo… and it said on the bottom of the info paper of the note box, “We are number one at number two”

As if cow poo poo paper was ‘nt enough they also have panda poo and horse poo photo books, journals, note pads and are even coming out with poo flowers!…. nothing short of amazing, and what as wonderful way to upcycle. I have my poo paper on my desk, and you can totally see the TLC that goes into the poo, the paper is wonderful and no it does not smell. Check out the awesome goodness of poo at their website….   


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