My Earrings Are Frame-ous

Ok, so I know the title is a big nutty, but I have been going nuts this week.In this past 2 days I have lost 3 pairs of my earrings, they tend to fall into this black hole located somewhere in my room, so I needed a new easy acesss solution. I have had this mesh earring holder behind my bedroom door, but its such a pain in the ass to get to (and is hidious, look at the string… ewwww) so I finally came up with a solution today.
On to do list… fix up that ballet necklace holder, I NEVER liked ballet, someone got it for me when I was a kid, but I was never diggin the pastel pink… its just not my style lol.
I grabbed these images from my pattern and color file I guess you could say I am in a blue mood, but am very happy today, go figure.
I am always more concerned with pattern, color and texture when it comes to decoupage.  I like to cut up my images so that I get the maximum amount of interest in each strip I lay down.
Be patient, the corners are always tricky, cut the center and bend it in to each side…
Its looking good, but needs some lighter blue, the strips on the table are last to go on…
I LOVE the light aqua color in the strips, it really pops with the darker blue and silver colors next to it.
Take an exacto knife and carefully cut off the excess pieces of paper once the mod podge totally dries.
While I was waiting for the mod podge final coat on the entire frame to dry, I went ahead and put my earrings into the mesh that was cut and ready. I then used my new AWESOME NEON GREEN glue gun to secure the mesh mat, and then also placed down the frame metal holders.
Fantastical…  now it will be easy to get to, and hold when I get my earrings for the day…



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