Got Pot? Its Garden Time!

I may have gotten a little over excited but I typed in Upcycled Planters on Etsy and this is what I got….The above pot is from salvagednature, I can’t count the number of times I have passed up a cracked pot not knowing what to do with it.This is such a beautiful and unique way to have multiple plants in one piece.Just imagine how wonderful it would look with some herbs in it?
GiddySpinster‘s heel planter makes such a statment! I could totally see this in the the window at my local hair salons, it is beautiful and sends the message of feminism and empowerment to women, while being eco friendly, wonderful job.
The bright orange colors in this pot really caught my eye… once I noticed that the mosaic was made entirely out of upcycled items, I feel in love. I highly recommend checking out RushCreekMosaics, their entire shop is nothing but upcycled mosaics.
I notice these blocks at homes remolding all the time around my area, what a wonderful idea for planters.
It is such a useful shape as well, because it can be lined up and create a boarder in your yard, marvelous jobArcherAve
What cool things have you turned into planters or vases in your home?

Do you have amazing photographs of a project you did, if so we would love to show it off on Mr. Gnome, send an email our way!



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